Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Ceremonies




On your quest for the best wedding ceremony and for a celebrant, have you been told ‘This is what you have and this is how it’s done?’

Have you been told that you must have things like readings, poems, blah blah blah in your ceremony as that is the norm?


But a wedding ceremony should be about celebrating love, following tradition, sealing a bond, confirming a commitment I hear you say?

AGREED – and as somebody that has been married since 2007, I certainly know, understand, appreciate and honour the values of marriage!

These elements can indeed be honoured and respected but your ceremony can be made absolutely unique and unforgettable – if this is what you are looking for, then please read on!!

 So why should I be your Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant?

I do not cut and paste from one ceremony to another. Each ceremony is started from scratch so every single one has creative authenticity and true originality!

Have a look at my TESTIMONIALS and feeds on Social Media! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Pinterest)

As well the testimonials, there are hundreds of photos to see why I should be your celebrant!

Every picture tells a story so expect the unexpected!

 Outdoor Wedding

I have been featured numerous times in ROCK N ROLL BRIDE MAGAZINE, ROCK MY WEDDING, BRIDES UP NORTH and many other publications. I’m so chuffed to be part of the ECLECTIC WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA COLLECTIVE, the INDIE WEDDING FAIR and the UN-WEDDING too.

I’ve also been featured on TV on programmes such as Curvy Brides and Carry on Caravanning.

Are you expensive?  Well, I believe my price justifies my creativity, value and final product – memories from a wedding are however – priceless! (For further information on price and legal formalities – please see FAQs.)

Handfasting Ceremony


What does alternative mean?

Well, I’m not just talking about having a celebrant for your ceremony and adding a few extra rituals and poems to it!

I’m talking about having Yoda, Bearded Lady, Whoopi Goldberg, LARPers, Gandalf, appear! Yes, these are just some of the fun themes I have performed and created in ceremonies before!

Bearded Yorkshire Celebrant

Have you been to wedding where a game of Quidditch was played?  Have you had a Star Wars light saber battle, had a sprinting contest, drawn caricatures, had a sock throwing competition, LARPed or danced the Time Warp at a wedding ceremony before? Well, you’ve not been to one of mine then!

Wedding Ceremony traditions can indeed be included and recognised as these are the fundamental elements of a wedding, but it doesn’t mean fun can’t be had and that your guests can’t be included!

Yorkshire Celebrant

As a Yorkshire Celebrant, I will spend hours meeting with couples (over a pint preferably!) so that I get to know them and discover what they want from their wedding ceremony. I love brainstorming different ideas and concepts of bizarre-ness, weirdness and creativeness in order to make a wedding ceremony absolutely shine!

Music is a passion of mine and is often an integral part of a ceremony. I’ve had some great singalongs that have made the ceremony truly memorable!

Have you a favourite song or one that’d be comical when hearing your guests trying to belt it out? I’ve had some hilarious songs ranging from the Zimbabwean National Anthem to Pokemon Theme Tune to Bohemian Rhapsody!

Yorkshire Celebrant Themed Wedding

Singing always brings people together and I love doing it as a hobby too! (See ABOUT LOUISA)



Same Sex Wedding
Yorkshire Celebrant Themed Wedding
Yorkshire Celebrant Themed Wedding


As an Independent Celebrant in Yorkshire, I respect various beliefs, faiths, religions, philosophies and spirituality be they Humanist or Non-Humanist.

This means that I welcome symbolic rituals into ceremonies if requested by couples. These rituals can be adapted to the ceremony according to the preference of the couple.

Rituals such as handfasting can be performed as can many other customs that honour and respect meaning and representation.

The term ‘blessing’ is often used to describe these ceremonies. Traditional wedding elements such as vows and ring exchanges are also able to be included in your wedding ceremony to recognise, declare and confirm your promises to each other.

If you would like a symbolic ritual that is more relevant to you, then let’s create a ritual with a twist?

Here are some example of originally created rituals for weddings!

*Jurassic Park Ring Warming

Yorkshire Celebrant

*Ritual of the Homegrown Radish

Same Sex Wedding


*Ritual of the Rounders Game

Yorkshire Outdoor Wedding Celebrant

*Sermon by Judith Priest (non-religious)

*Light Saber Blessings

*Broccoli Blessings

*Caricature Drawing Initiation

If you have a hobby, passion or interest, let’s include it so we celebrate YOU!!

Yorkshire Celebrant Handfasting Game of Thrones
Handfasting Ceremony
Bearded Yorkshire Celebrant

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Yorkshire Wedding Ceremony

We had our November wedding ceremony in Hebden Bridge. We made our way to Yorkshire from Australia, as we had chosen a special place with family connections & we wanted something very private/intimate that truly reflected us as a couple. There were a total of 6 guests who all were laughing and crying throughout the ceremony. Lou was able to create the perfect blend of serious, funny, sentimental and silly which she did so seamlessly.

Lou listened to and incorporated all of our ideas and even added aspects we didn’t even know we wanted but that were perfect for us! Plenty of nerdy references and a drawing game 😂 the two family members who were waiting outside said they had never heard laughter like that from a wedding and I think that is so special ❤️ Lou made us so comfortable with the process and communication was great even from the other side of the world. We cannot thank you enough Lou, or recommend highly enough. Thank you for helping to make our day so magical. You are forever in our hearts…. xx

Louisa crafted and performed the most personal and entertaining ceremony for our wedding. She was absolutely incredible from start to finish.

The process for coming up with ideas for the ceremony was really fun, and her hard work made it feel effortless for us, which was really appreciated given how many other things we were juggling.

On the day itself it went down an absolute storm with our friends and family. We had so many comments from them saying how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how very personal it was.

We would recommend Louisa to absolutely everybody, she was an integral part of the day and it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good without her.

Louisa, we owe you a pint!