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Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

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Your wedding ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. The ceremony begins the celebrations and so needs to start the day with a bang! It is one of the most meaningful parts of the day as it is when you declare your love and commitment to one another and confirm your rite of passage into married life together. Your ceremony can be as intimate as you like or as big as you like!

Wedding ceremonies are a perfect platform to include and involve your guests and those that mean a great deal to you. This can vary from people to pets! As it’s your ceremony, then you get to choose and control every aspect of it. As a celebrant, I will work with you in order to create a ceremony that reflects your characters, relationship and personalities and also recognises the values and most important aspects of tying the knot!

This means celebrant ceremonies are all totally individual and I guarantee that no script that I write is the same. Just as you are unique, so should be your wedding ceremony!  For advice on legal formalities – please see FAQs.

Handfasting Ceremony



Yoda, Bearded Lady, Whoopi Goldberg, Musicals, Quidditch, Dancing to Agadoo, Film Scenes, Larping, Singing of Pokemon Theme, Star Wars, Gandalf, ………yes, these are just some of the fun themes I have performed and created in ceremonies before! Singing and Music are two elements I also love involving as a celebrant too! (See About Me)

As a wedding celebrant, I love creating and performing Themed and Alternative Wedding Ceremonies as I am a huge believer in creating something totally different!

This doesn’t mean however that traditions can’t be included. The ceremony can be a blend of different elements indeed however, I get itchy fingers if I can’t do something off the scales …or off the rails more like it! For me, laughter, involvement of guests, having fun yet celebrating the ethos and meaning of marriage. I have been married since 2007 so know a bit about it now!

As a Yorkshire Celebrant, I will spend hours meeting with couples (over a pint preferably!) so that I get to know them and what they want from their wedding ceremony. I love brainstorming different ideas and concepts of bizarre-ness, weirdness and creativeness in order to make a ceremony absolutely shine!

For see ceremonies I’ve performed in the past, please have a look at Testimonials and Blog pages.

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant Themed ceremony
Yorkshire celebrant Renewal of vows
Bearded Yorkshire Celebrant


As an Independent Celebrant, I follow and respect all beliefs, faiths, religions, spirituality and philosophies be they Humanist or Non-Humanist. This means that I welcome symbolic rituals into ceremonies if requested by couples. These rituals can be adapted to the ceremony according to the preference of the couple. Rituals such as handfasting can be performed as can many other customs that honour and respect meaning and representation. The term ‘blessing’ is often used to describe these ceremonies. Traditional wedding elements such as vows and ring exchanges are also able to be included in your wedding ceremony to recognise, declare and confirm your promises to each other.

If you would like a symbolic ritual that is more relevant to you, then we can even invent one to suit you! (I have even performed a Broccoli blessing before now!)

Yorkshire Celebrant Handfasting Game of Thrones
Handfasting Ceremony
Bearded Yorkshire Celebrant

Alternative Celebrant Weddings in Yorkshire!

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