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Celebrate Life!

Celebrant Funeral Ceremonies

York Funeral Celebrant

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

A Celebration of Life!

I am a Funeral Celebrant based in York and I perform Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies locally and in the surrounding areas of Yorkshire.

Celebrate is not often a word associated with funerals. As a Funeral Celebrant, I create and deliver Funeral Ceremonies that are a celebration of life!

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Celebrant Funeral Ceremonies – Memories & Tributes

Farewells can indeed be difficult and circumstances may be sad, but how would the person you are saying farewell to have liked to have been remembered?


☆ How would they have wanted their ceremony? Did they like a party?

☆ Would they have wanted to see people laughing? Dancing? Singing?

☆ What was it about the person that gave them their character made them who they were?

☆ Which hobbies they were devoted to? Are there any themes to follow?

☆ Did they have certain beliefs?  Would they want a traditional style of funeral ceremony?


Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Ceremonies that celebrate life!

With funeral and memorial ceremonies, I will bring an element of celebration to what can be a very solemn occasion. The times are changing!

Often, little characteristics and foibles are missed out of services. These are the elements that when remembered, are guaranteed to make those present laugh, smile and nod their heads saying ‘Aye, that was definitely him/her’!!

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Yorkshire Funeral Celebrant

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I am open to all beliefs and philosophies be they non-religious, humanist, religious or spiritual. I will create and perform ceremonies based on the specific beliefs of the person and their family/friends.

Celebrant Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies focus on the person whose life is being remembered.

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors are responsible for arranging the ceremonies for funerals and it is a service included in their fees. If you would like to specifically book my celebrant services for a funeral or memorial ceremony, just ask your chosen Funeral Director to contact me. (See below for recommendations)

Funeral celebrant Yorkshire

Yorkshire Celebrant – Memorial Ceremonies

If your loved one wasn’t able to receive the right ceremony for them, a Memorial Service would be a perfect tribute withoutthe worry of any venue and time restrictions.

Is there a special place that the celebrated person wanted to be laid to rest at? A woodland burial? A favourite park? Favourite pub? Favourite venue?

Due to circumstances, were people unable to make the funeral ceremony? Were there limitations on the service content? Does that person deserve a true ‘send off’?

Between us we can arrange a Memorial Ceremony to be held in a special location or place for a true celebration.

Tony’s Memorial Ceremony conducted by York Celebrant

Yorkshire Funeral celebrant
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Funeral Ceremony Testimonials →

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Lou conducted a memorial for a friend and I was overwhelmed by her professionalism and ability to put together such an incredible evening. She drew together content from many different people (some were very last minute!) to deliver a service full of good memories, humour and poignancy. Couldn’t recommend enough. – Laura Boston-Barber

Louisa organised a memorial evening when our loved one passed away. She is very professional and caring. The evening couldn’t have gone any better, it was a perfect celebration of life. Thank you so much – Fiona McCormack

Louisa was the Celebrant at my wife Ann’s funeral. It was a truly beautiful ceremony which honoured and celebrated Ann’s life. I can’t recommend Louisa enough. She was outstanding, from the preparation through to the service. I have been inundated with messages saying how incredible it was. – Stan Smith

Having worked with Louisa and I can honestly say that she delivered the most unique, personal service that I have ever witnessed. The family thought she was brilliant and so did me and my team. It’s refreshing to see an alternative approach to funeral services, as people look for a real celebration of the life of those we are remembering. I look forward to working with you in the future, I will certainly have every faith that any family I recommend you to will get the perfect tribute to their loved one. – Hayley Spencer – Darley Funerals

Louisa came by recommendation and I had seen her before. I can’t thank enough for making my Dad’s final service a complete success on such a sad day. Everyone has talked about it being the best funeral service ever with Louisa making it all about Dad’s life with some twists of humour in there which is exactly what Dad would have wanted, also with the great organisation of Hayley Owen funeral services it was just perfect on such a sad day, a true celebration of dads life. Thank you!!!!! – York Funerals

We as a family would like to personally thank. Louisa for her kind words she wrote for my dad’s service last Friday. He was a larger than life character and she captured him as if she had known him for years. The amount of comments we had after the funeral were amazing. People had even said it was the best service they had been too which meant a lot to us as it was a day to talk about dad and she certainly did that. From meeting her at home to talk about Dad we knew she would do him proud.
Thank you Louisa from the Thompson family xx

Louisa was the celebrant at my Mum’s funeral last month and she put together an amazing ceremony! She came and met with myself and my family one evening and we told Louisa all about mum’s life in a couple of hours. When Louisa stood up and spoke about mum you would think she had known her personally, she was fantastic! I was so pleased with how Louisa pulled it all together and conducted the service, it really was a tribute to my Mum’s life. My mum was a Rolling Stones fan and Louisa told the story of mums life in the way of a Rolling Stones Album it was so clever and unique!

If anyone is looking for someone to conduct a Memorial Service for your loved on then I would highly recommend Louisa she was great!

Kathryn McKenize

Everything about my mams funeral Margaret was absolutely spot on. Louisa was fantastic, this is about the person that some new but also didn’t know about the person they were friends with. After the service attendees actually asked if Louisa had met my Mam as she came across as been a friend of my Mam’s for years, no getting names wrong or information wrong like I have seen at some services I’ve been to!!! If you’re looking for genuine at a service for your loved one Louisa is the best by far xxxxx Michelle Batters

Louisa did my father’s ceremony and I can’t thank her enough for how brilliant it was. The service she did meant that people who didn’t know him as well knew him from start to finish by the end of it. I’m so thankful I have such a fond memories of such a sad time. My Dad was a bit of a drinker and was well known for it so Louisa to make the service dedicated to him brought a can of John Smiths and toasted to him as we said goodbye. Everyone is still saying about what a fantastic service it was and how they loved the fact she had brought a can of John Smiths to the funeral (which may I add everyone had a swig of as they left).

I honestly can’t thank you even Louisa when I think of that day I laugh instead of cry and I’m 100% sure that’s what my dad wanted everyone doing.

Thank you so much.

Shannon Wilson

Thank you so much for sending me the copy of mum’s ceremony which I will be printing off for members of the family who asked for it after her send off. You really created something so personal and special and to put it all in verse, well you went above and beyond! Especially considering you stepped in at very short notice. Mum would have been touched by your sensitivity and kindness. We all laughed and cried at the ceremony and I think its’ a good thing for all those emotions to be shared during that time.
Your ceremonies certainly do shine, we had the best funeral imaginable for mum.
I can’t thank you enough for what you did for us all.
Many, many thanks.

Annette Saxon and family


As a Funeral Celebrant in York, I work with various Funeral Directors and fully support ones that are Independent and Family businesses. I work closely with and highly recommend Hayley Owen Funeral Director and Darley Funeral Directors whose details can be found below. I also often work with Rowley and Sons who are based in York also.

Yorkshire Funeral celebrant